Welcome to Altoplace. This is my place for sharing my technology and life interests as I learn how to create websites. This is a hobby for me, but I do hope that you find useful information. I like saving “notes” about what I have learned. Then I can refer back to them as needed.

My site is powered by WordPress, the GeneratePress theme, and a Pair Networks managed WP Enthusiast 1 account..

BTW, if you decide to try out hosting at Pair Networks, please contact me for a 20% off referral code for your first Pair Networks bill (as of the date of this post). It will help me with the expenses for running my website if you decide to use Pair Networks.

As I inferred above, I am learning how to develop websites. Thus, the look and feel of this website will change over time, but I am trying to maintain (and grow) the content. For now, this is just a “retirement” hobby for me.

You can view my Site Info page to learn more about Altoplace.

In addition to my Altoplace posts, I have written several articles for Vultr. I hope that they will be helpful for learning about Web development:

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Welcome!”

    • I am still relatively new at all of this. However, I know that static site generators usually require a third party service to add the commenting capability. I have tried using them, mainly Hugo, and they work great. However, they do require a bit more technical knowledge to get them working. WordPress may be a bit easier, but still requires some “under the hood” knowledge. The static site generators require more CSS and Javascript knowledge to tweak their usage according to your requirements. I am trying to develop that knowledge for myself, but I found that I could get a working website (with commenting, etc.) quicker using WordPress. I will still continue to experiment with static site generators. And who knows, may be I will switch back sometime in the future. Have a blessed day.

  1. Yes it’s true actually I have developed under Grav my blog, where I talk about real estate management and software to help people to feel out in the jungle of real estate management software, I do not know if you received my private message or I ask you to change my nickname?

    Thank you!


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