Recent versions of macOS now use zsh as the default command line shell. I typically use the bash shell on Linux servers, so I prefer using it on my Mac. This post is going to describe how to switch from the zsh shell to the bash shell. Before Starting You should be familiar with using the macOS Terminal command line. We will be using Homebrew to install the latest bash version.
Over the last few months, I have experimented with different hosting arrangements, WordPress, and Hugo CMS configurations. Now it’s time to start creating content to see if I can create a viable site. To that end, I want to start by writing about my efforts to create a local website development environment on my Mac. As a foundation, I have chosen Homebrew to install most of the software that I am using.
This is a followup post to my earlier Configure Apache and PHP-FPM on macOS post. With the addition of MySQL to my Mac website development environment, I can now install Content Management Systems, such as WordPress that require a database system to function. My original post supports static website development (for example, Grav ). My current website host, Pair Networks , uses MySQL versions 5.6 and 5.7 (seems to default to 5.