This is my site for learning about WordPress and website development. It’s a live site where I like to post information for myself and others who may find it helpful. I am constantly trying out new things, both on the visible frontend and the backend (WordPress plugins, server settings, etc.)

I have created a blog that contains mostly technology related posts, but I may mix it up with other life-related posts. I am using my “home page” as a landing page for myself with links to sites that I visit frequently. It’s constantly being updated/tweaked.

Searching …

This is where I jump off to search info about a topic that I am interested in.

The Internet …

Info about where I live in the cloud and how I get there.

  • pair — my website hosting company
  • MTCO — my local ISP

Web Development …

These are links that I use to explore the ins and outs of web development.

Apple …

I am currently involved in the Apple world because of the quality of the hardware and software, and I get a Unix-like environment with my Mac.

  • MacRumors — lots of interesting Apple news and rumors
  • 9to5Mac — another good source of Apple news

My Local Area …

Here are links to news, weather, and events in the greater Peoria, IL area.

  • MTCO Connected — Metamora, Germantown Hills, Washington and Marseilles
  • CI Proud — A great source of central IL news & weather!
  • WEEK — Another good local source of news & weather.
  • You Gotta Eat — A direct link to WEEK info about local eateries.

My Faith …

My faith is important to me; these are links that I like.