My name is George; I am a retired software engineer. I use to work as a Telecom embedded Linux engineer, writing system configuration software. Now that I am retired, I want to learn how to develop websites. I created Altoplace to practice what I have learned. I need content to build a website, so I decided to share posts about what I have learned and other technology interests such as macOS, iOS, FreeBSD, Linux, and other new interests that I may develop.

I also want to include life interests like family, travel, and my personal relationship with God. I have a wonderful wife, and we love to travel together. She is the love of my life. We were both widowed. My first wife and I were never able to have children. But now I do have a family and they call me Papa! Throughout life, my walk with God and his Son, Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit has given me strength and comfort for living.

How did I come up with Altoplace as a domain name? I was trying to think of a domain name that was relatively short and easy to remember. Thinking of clouds (and cloud computing) and places to live–I came up with alto + place and created

Even though this is my place to learn how to do website development, I do hope that along the way I might share something that could be useful for others. I will try to write posts that are fairly detailed How-to’s, but they may lack certain details. Please let me know if something is not clear; I will update my posts to keep them fresh. I want to use my posts to refer back to as needed when I am trying to do something–even better if it helps someone else.