Why do I like pair Networks?

Today, I want to share why I like pair Networks for my web hosting. These are very personal comments and your milage may vary–it’s not a “technical” review. They have a lot of experience with web hosting, having been in the business since 1996. I think that I first got on the Internet in 1995 with my first dial-up connection. Windows did not even have a TCP stack built into it at the time (as I recall). Oh, BTW, I stopped using Windows a long time ago as my primary computing platform.

Most of my comments are for their shared-hosting product, since that is what fits into my budget, being retired. They offer many other hosting options. Here are some reasons why I like pair Networks (in no particular order):

  • I am a long time Unix/Linux user, so I like their computing platform, which is FreeBSD/Ubuntu. I personally lean towards Ubuntu.
  • There is full shell access with a full development environment–want to compile a C program, go right ahead.
  • This whole adventure of mine is for spending time in retirement learning how to do website development. That means, learning about HTML, PHP, WordPress, Drupal, … At this point, I just want a web host that works and is rock solid. I did stray away from pair Networks for awhile, trying out various cloud hosting options, and I found some good ones. I enjoyed playing “system admin,” and was fairly successful. But I spent hours trying to tweak things–especially mysql and email. I decided that’s not where I want to spend my time right now. I will probably go back to them from time to time to experiment, but I have decided that pair Networks is going to be my “home base” for web hosting, including email.
  • I wanted to have my own email address at my domain, altoplace.com. My email works great, it was easy to set up, and it has been rock solid.
  • Their support has been very helpful and friendly (as advertised) when I have needed it, mainly because I may have been stretching what can be done on a shared host.
  • Speaking of shared hosting, I really like that your email and databases are actually hosted on different physical machines, which are tuned for those purposes.

That’s it for now, anyway. I suspect that people stop reading after awhile if posts get too long. This whole idea of “blogging” is also a new to me.

Hey, if you decide that you want to signup with pair Networks, please contact me for a referral coupon code. You will receive 20% of your first hosting term that you sign up for. It would also help me out with my hosting expenses. You can read all about the referral program and other special offers from pair Networks.

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