Trying out WordPress 5.0

Ok, I couldn’t wait. I went ahead and upgraded my site to WP 5.0. The upgrade went smoothly and everything, including all my plugins, seem to be working ok. No issues, so far. I am writing this quick post to tryout the new editor. Looks nice so far.

My activity on my site has been slow. I still have been playing around with some under-the-hood stuff. I am trying to perfect my development environment, which includes using a local copy of my site on my Mac. I am writing this post on my Mac, using WP 5.0, and then I will “publish” it to by running a bash shell script, aptst-apcom, on my Mac. I will provide more info later about how this works after I have finished tweaking it.

After publishing this post, I decided to update it with MarsEdit to see how it works with WordPress 5.0. My guess is that it will only work with the “Classic Editor.” This is still a learning process for me. Let’s see how the results look …

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