Change the default pair Networks shell from csh to bash

When I signed up with pair Networks, the default shell was csh. Nothing wrong with csh, but I am use to bash. So here’s a quick post about how I changed the shell from csh to bash.

Do the following:

user1@www2:~ % chsh -s /bin/bash
user1@www2:~ %
user1@www2:~ % exit
Connection to closed.

george@imac1: /Users/george
==> ssh's password:
Last login: Fri Oct  5 12:24:00 2018 from x.x.x.x
Welcome to pair Networks, Inc.  ...
 o o o
user1@www2:~$ echo $SHELL

You can see that the shell has been changed to bash. I then changed my default bash shell prompt by adding the following to my .profile:

\u@\h: $PWD
==> '

After exiting and logging back in, my prompt now looks like:

user1@www2: /usr/home/user1

It is a 2-line prompt that I use on all of my Linux/Unix-like boxes, such as my Mac. The first line shows the user, host, and current directory. The second line is my actual command prompt. When I am working on different hosts, at a glance, I can see which one it is. Works for me …

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