Happy Spring!

After a lot of travel this winter and early Spring, we are going to be home for awhile. Hope that you had a blessed Easter season if you celebrate Easter and our risen Savor. Now that we’re home, I hope to be more active with my website. I am still tweaking things “under the hood.” … Read more

Install WordPress on pair Networks using wp-cli

Overview This note describes how I installed WordPress on my pair Networks shared host using WP-CLI. WP-CLI provides a command line interface for installing and managing WordPress. I like using the Unix/Linux command line to install and maintain my website–it provides a lot of under-the-hood power and control. We will first talk about setting up WP-CLI … Read more


Welcome to Altoplace! I am rebuilding my website, using WordPress 5. I decided to rebuild it from scratch, so if you have been here recently, you will noticed that all my posts are gone. I will restore them in a few days after I complete my “under the hood” work, so please stop by later … Read more