Altoplace is on the air!!

Altoplace is my grand experiment for learning how to get started with developing (WordPress) websites. After many false starts, reinstalls, switching hosting providers and OSs, I can finally declare that Altoplace is ready to roll.

I believe that I have set up the framework for Altoplace that includes a very basic website design, based on the GeneratePress WordPress theme. I have added security, which I am very concerned about, with the iThemes Security Pro plugin. Altoplace’s performance is enhanced with the WP Rocket and Imagify plugins. I am using the Contact Form 7 plugin to enable visitors to send me email. Finally, comments and contact messages are being watched over via theĀ Akismet plugin and service to filter out spam.

I am using a pair Networks FreeBSD shared host to host Altoplace. I love being able to have ssh access and use the command line. I am using shell commands to backup my database and website. I am using rsync to keep a copy of all my data on my iMac.

I just wanted to briefly declare victory for getting Altoplace launched. I am really just getting started. Still need to read and watch many tutorials. As time goes on, I plan to provide details about how I built my site. May be it will help someone else get started.

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